Susan Croft founded The Lamp in 2010 with the directive of providing publication experience strictly for graduate and professional students in secondary educational programs. Having worked on undergraduate publications in previous years, her intention in establishing The Lamp was to create a similar opportunity for writers caught between journals aimed only for undergraduates, such as Queen’s University’s Ultraviolet and The Undergraduate Review, and more highly regulated journals with broader submissions competition, such as The New Quarterly.

The Lamp is a literary journal devoted to publishing the creative writing of graduate and professional students around the world. Our main purpose is to publish quality writing by students enrolled in graduate and professional programs, and to thus provide an opportunity for a particular set of people to gain writing credits and writing experience in a highly competitive field. Our secondary purpose is to help guide new or emerging writers through the intensive and often complicated editorial process they will encounter when dealing with larger publishers and publications. We also hope to publish creative work that is eye-opening, inspiring, and original in order to provide our readers with material that will generate new ways of thinking about literature and the themes therein.