Meghan Burry, Editor-in-Chief

Meghan Burry is a first-year PhD student at Queen’s University. She holds a BA from the University of Prince Edward Island and an MA from Queen’s University. Her research interests primarily include 19th century women’s prose and issues of gender and sexuality. In her spare time, Meghan can be found petting puppies, drinking copious amounts of coffee, or talking to old, white men about smashing the patriarchy.

Jesyka Traynor, Editor-in-Chief

Jesyka Traynor is a PhD candidate in the English Department at Queen’s University. Her research interests include contemporary American literature, contemporary Californian authors, true crime, memoir, and disaster studies. In her spare time, Jesyka enjoys cross stitching, watching documentaries, and hanging with her adorable pets.

Rachel Fernandes, Editor

Rachel Fernandes is a PhD student in the English Department at Queen’s University. Her research is focused on contemporary North American fiction about the mixed race experience. When she isn’t writing or reading, she is usually in the kitchen, trying out new recipes under the watchful eye of her dog, Abby.

Rachel Friars, Editor

Originally from Saint John, New Brunswick, Rachel is a PhD Student at Queen’s University with a focus on Victorian/neo-Victorian studies. During her undergraduate degree, she edited campus literary journals and local magazines. In her spare time, Rachel writes poetry about sex and short fiction about monsters. She also has a cat named Gus.

Dani MacDonald, Editor

Dani MacDonald is a master’s student in English at Queen’s University completing her thesis on parenthetical phrases in A.A. Milne’s A Table Near the Band. A writer by trade, Dani has worked in communications, publishing, and content creation for a number of not-for-profits and private businesses. When she is not feverishly clacking away at her keyboard, you can find her replaying Donkey Kong 64 for the umpteenth time or adding to her ever-growing globe collection.

Nevena Martinović, Editor

Nevena Martinović is a PhD candidate in the English Department. She studies long eighteenth-century theatre and the representations of aging actresses. In her “spare time” she dabbles in plays, poetry and puns.

Sabrina Masud, Editor

Sabrina Masud is an international PhD student at the Department of English, Queen’s University. She began as a playwright writing in English from Bangladesh when she became the regional winner for the BBC International Radio Playwriting Competition in 2001. Her research area is focused on environmental justice and literature. An avid fan of sci-fi fantasy, she spends her spare time investigating apocalyptic scenarios and obsessing over kittens.

Emma McTavish, Editor

Emma McTavish is a PhD Candidate in the Department of English at Queen’s University. Her research interests include dirt, disgust, sexuality, and working women in Victorian literature. In her spare time, she enjoys woodburning, watching British period dramas with a strong female lead, and obsessing over her cat Minerva.

Carmel Mikol, Editor

Carmel Mikol is a writer, musician, and MA-English student at Queen’s University where she studies trauma literature and women’s disappearance narratives. Carmel also produces and hosts Hyacinth Podcast which combines scholarly research and art. More than once, books have saved her life.

Kaitlyn Reid, Editor

Kaitlyn Reid is a PhD candidate whose primary research focusses on performance, politics, and audience affect in the theatre of the early modern period. She received a specialized honours BA, and a Master’s degree in English literature from York University. If academia doesn’t work out, Kaitlyn plans to make use of the various medical credentials she has earned over the years due to the amount of ER and Grey’s Anatomy she has consumed. When she’s not reading plays, or writing smutty romance novels, Kaitlyn can be found performing full length broadway musicals…in her 2013 Kia Rio.

Alyce Soulodre, Editor

Alyce Soulodre is completing her PhD in English at Queen’s University. Her research focuses on the depictions of bugs and entomologists in nineteenth-century fiction, especially horror and mystery. She enjoys terrible monster movies, quaint detective novels, and tries to keep Halloween in her heart all throughout the year.

Jenny Sullivan, Editor

Jenny Sullivan is a PhD student in English Literature at Queen’s University. In addition to this, she writes novels, short stories, poetry and non-fiction, some of which you can find on her website at Her reading interests include Romantic poetry and Russian novels, but she also loves singing, listening to classical music, running and watching hockey!