Since it was established by Susan Croft in 2010, The Lamp has enjoyed a varied team of artists and editors, most of whom were drawn from the rich pool of graduate students at Queen’s University in Kingston.

Susan Croft, Founder and Senior Advisor

Susan Croft is the founder and former co-editor-in-chief of The Lamp. A recent graduate of Queen’s University Faculty of Law, she has stayed on with the journal in an advisory capacity. She enjoys writing, playing the harp, rock climbing, and reading well-researched historical fiction.

Jessica Moore, Former Editor-in-Chief

Jessica Moore is the former Editor-in-Chief of The Lamp and a PhD candidate in English at Queen’s University. She works with American hard-boiled detective fiction of the 1920s-1940s, looking at fictional dead bodies as objects. Her free time is spent writing novels in a variety of genres, but she also loves art, animation, and, for no particular reason, anything to do with pirates and mobsters.

Brittany LeClerc, Cover Artist

Brittany is a freelance illustrator from Whitby, Ontario and a recent fine arts graduate from the University of Waterloo. With high hopes of achieving the perfect balance of traditional method and contemporary subject, she hopes to one day create her own series of picture books that can appeal to adults as well as children. Her current interests include the 1900s, using quirky ingredients in her recipes, and meticulously watching every Clive Barker film.

Amber Robinson, Cover Artist

Amber is a Canadian animator with a sense for the strange. She has worked in television, film, and video games since graduating from Sheridan’s BA Animation program. She is also proficient at Tetris, and would likely win against you.

Former Editorial Board Members:

Anastasiya Boika, MA History, Editor
David Carruthers, PhD English, Editor
Felicia Gabriele, MA History, Editor
Shadi Ghazimoradi, PhD English, Editor
Jaclyn Greenberg, JD, Editor
Cassandra Kuyvenhoven, PhD Environmental Studies, Editor
Lina Khatib, MA Public Administration, Editor
Gaylen Lindal, JD, Editor
Jeremy MacFarlane, English PhD, Editor
Kate Mackrell, PhD Mathematics Education, Layout Editor
Aislinn McDougall, PhD English, Editor
Anastasia-Irene Mangoutas, PhD English, Editor
Monica Pak, JD, Editor
George Pakozdi, JD, Editor
Peter Pietraszek, JD, Editor
Aadam Tejpar, JD, Editor
Dylan Tredger, JD, Editor
Alice Verlezza, MA Sociology, Editor
Joy Wakefield, JD, Editor
Carl Watts, English PhD, Editor
Erin Weinberg, English PhD, Editor
Colleen Wood, MA History, Editor
Seth Zuk, JD, Editor