Another Editor Feature!

What better way to celebrate the beginning of another month with the Lamp than with a “Friday Feature”?! This week’s featured editor is currently writing her MA thesis in quarantine… not many people can say they’ve done that! Introducing super-star (and editor), Dani MacDonald:

Dani is a Master’s student in English at Queen’s University completing her thesis on parenthetical phrases in A.A. Milne’s A Table Near the Band. A writer by trade, Dani has worked in communications, publishing, and content creation for a number of not-for-profits and private businesses. When she is not feverishly clacking away at her keyboard, you can find her replaying Donkey Kong 64 for the umpteenth time or adding to her ever-growing globe collection.



Happy Friday!

HAPPY FRIDAY, EVERYONE! This week, we are happy to introduce the longest-running member of our editorial board. She has been working on The Lamp for four years, with this (sadly) being her last year with both the journal and Queen’s graduate studies. Allow me to introduce the dedicated, bold, and all-around-brilliant Nevena:

Nevena Martinović is a PhD candidate in the English Department. She studies long eighteenth-century theatre and the representations of aging actresses. In her “spare time” she dabbles in plays, poetry and puns


Editor of the Week!

Are the weeks beginning to blur together for anyone else during this time of quarantine and self-isolation?! If you’re bored at home, you can always indulge in some creative writing by purchasing a copy of The Lamp at our website:! More than anything, we hope you are all staying safe and healthy at home.

The writing of our featured editor this week can be found in last year’s volume of The Lamp. You can find her writing in one of the chapter introductions, but I’ll leave it up to you to figure out which one (hint hint, nudge nudge)! That being said, we are happy to introduce the oh-so-talented Kaitlyn Reid, who encouragingly reminds us that reading, is in fact, sexy:

Kaitlyn Reid is a PhD candidate whose primary research focusses on performance, politics, and audience affect in the theatre of the early modern period. She received a specialized honours BA, and a Master’s degree in English literature from York University. If academia doesn’t work out, Kaitlyn plans to make use of the various medical credentials she has earned over the years due to the amount of ER and Grey’s Anatomy she has consumed. When she’s not reading plays, or writing smutty romance novels, Kaitlyn can be found performing full-length broadway musicals…in her 2013 Kia Rio.


Another Editor :)

On behalf of our entire editorial board at The Lamp, we hope you are all staying healthy and safe during these uncertain times surrounding COVID-19. Our team continues to work remotely (and diligently) on this journal for our September publication! This week’s feature is our talented and fun-loving editor, Rachel Fernandes:

Rachel Fernandes is a PhD student in the English Department at Queen’s University. Her research is focused on contemporary North American fiction about the mixed race experience. When she isn’t writing or reading, she is usually in the kitchen, trying out new recipes under the watchful eye of her dog, Abby.

Rachel Fern

This Week’s Editor!

This week’s featured editor is not only a brilliant scholar, but is also a talented creative-writer of her own! Introducing the multi-faceted and witty Sabrina Masud:

As a playwright, Sabrina is interested in absurdism and she suspects her preference stems from the chaos she has experienced growing up in a city like Dhaka. In her work she often explores the correlation between space and the protagonist who gains agency from a subaltern state of being.


Friday Feature for #IWD2020

We wanted to wait to post this week in honour of International Women’s Day! This year, we have an all-female editorial board and want to express our sincerest thanks to each woman who makes this journal possible. #IWD2020

This week, we are introducing you to the very talented Emma McTavish, who was the cover artist of last year’s journal and is now a member of our editorial board:

Emma McTavish is a PhD Candidate in the Department of English at Queen’s University. Her research interests include dirt, disgust, sexuality, and working women in Victorian literature. In her spare time, she enjoys wood burning, watching British period dramas with a strong female lead, and obsessing over her cat Minerva.


Friday Feature #4

Our deepest apologies for the lateness. This week’s “Friday Feature” is gracing the Internet on a Saturday, instead! Next up is our wonderful Editor-in-Chief, Jesyka Traynor:

Jesyka Traynor is a PhD student in the English Department at Queen’s University. Her research interests include contemporary American literature, contemporary Californian authors, true crime, memoir, and disaster studies. In her spare time, Jesyka enjoys cross stitching, watching documentaries, and hanging with her adorable pets. This is her third year with The Lamp, and her second year as (co) Editor-in-Chief!


Friday Feature #3

Next up for our FRIDAY FEATURE is editor Alyce Soulodre:

Alyce Soulodre is completing her PhD in English at Queen’s University. Her research focuses on the depictions of bugs and entomologists in nineteenth-century fiction, especially horror and mystery. She enjoys terrible monster movies, quaint detective novels, and tries to keep Halloween in her heart all throughout the year.


Friday Feature #2

Our next FRIDAY FEATURE is editor Carmel Mikol:

Carmel Mikol is a writer, musician, and MA-English student at Queen’s University where she studies trauma literature and women’s disappearance narratives. Carmel also produces and hosts Hyacinth Podcast which combines scholarly research and art. More than once, books have saved her life.

Follow this link to check out Carmel’s Podcast: Hyacinth Podcast Carmel



Friday Features!

Rachel HeadshotFor the rest of the semester we will be posting weekly “FRIDAY FEATURES” to celebrate our wonderful editors! This journal wouldn’t be possible without them. First up, Rachel Friars:

Rachel is a first-year PhD student in English Literature at Queen’s University. After completing her undergraduate degree at the University of New Brunswick Saint John, Rachel moved to Kingston, Ontario to complete her Master’s degree at Queen’s and decided to stay. Academically, she works on neo-Victorian lesbian narratives and nineteenth-century lesbian history. Creatively, Rachel writes short fiction and poetry, often with queer themes and historical settings.