A whole new Lamp!


The Lamp’s new website launches!

2016 is truly a year of transition for The Lamp, in more ways than one! Aside from the typical bidding of farewell to former board members and the welcoming-aboard of the new, we’re also finally prepared to roll out our brand-new website!

For many years the School of Graduate and Professional Students has been kind enough to host our site, but starting this year, the Editors-in-Chief are taking on direct control of The Lamp‘s webspace. This means more frequent updates, a more active online presence, and a more cohesive link between our social media accounts and the hub site!

The submission guidelines can be found here, as well as information on current and past board members, a little write-up of what The Lamp is all about, and–soon, once we finish the transition–a storefront to purchase current and past volumes of our journal!

We’re really excited for the future of The Lamp, and we’ll have some more updates on its future soon. For now, though, enjoy the new digs, and keep an eye out for Volume VI, for which we are currently vetting submissions.


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