The Lamp’s 8th Volume Lineup


Have a glance at our lineup this year! The stories contained within spin tales of garden espionage, mysterious neighbours, families fleeing fires in cars, political fistfights, and letters to the sun. You’ll peer through lonely windows into hospital rooms and old bars, or wander the neon-washed streets of Tokyo as a stranger. Come join us and submerge into The Lamp’s eighth volume!


Grandma’s Garden | Muzzammil Abdur-Razak
Among the raindrops | Muzzammil Abdur-Razak
Florence’s Flowers | Amelia C. Labenski
Neighbours | Uchechukwu Umezurike
Bon Soir | Ian Moy
For Amanda | Ian Moy
The Dreamless Dark | Ian Grosz
Letters to the Sun | Erin MacDonald
The Temptation of Carbon | Erin MacDonald
Rootless bodies | Erin MacDonald
Another One About Fiasco | Chris Brown
Mouthwash and Mass Destruction | Galadriel Watson
Harare Central Hospital | Natasha Parker
On Skirts | Farrah Scott
Benthic | Megan Paranich
Wild Blond Child | Lorna Sutherland
Dream | Lorna Sutherland
Woman in fragments falling | Lorna Sutherland
Coherence | Colin O’Shea
Porcelain Woman | Talia Green
Extraordinary Things | Talia Green
Morning News | Talia Green
I live alone in a foreign country | Talia Green


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