Submissions OPEN for Volume 12 (2022)

Call for Submissions! The Lamp is looking for submissions for its 2022 issue (Volume 12)! 

The Lamp is an international literary journal dedicated to showcasing the creative writing of graduate and professional students.  If you write poetry, short fiction, scripts, creative nonfiction, or any other form of textual art, please submit your work to The Lamp at The deadline is Saturday, January 15th, 2022.  Please follow our submission guidelines below. 

Submission Guidelines: 

  • ·Contributors must be in a graduate or professional program. Include your name, email address, and degree in your email cover letter, but do not put any identifying information in your submission document. Only the editor-in-chief will have access to this information prior to printing 
  • ·Documents should be attached in plain text, rich text, or .doc/.docx formats to facilitate reading. Pieces submitted in pdf format or in hardcopy will not be accepted 
  •  Submissions should be in Times New Roman, 12 point font, with 1 inch margins.  Please single-spacce. 
  • Please be mindful of the amount of work you submit– we are a small journal. Please send no more than: 6 poems, two short stories, 1 work of non-fiction, etc. Feel free to submit in multiple categories. If you have questions about how much you can submit, please email us.  
  • Please edit your work carefully before submitting 
  • Please inform us if your work is a simultaneous submission 

To learn more about The Lamp, visit 


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